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Family photo's



Below are a number of family photos which I could not record in the various private-pages of the family but yet I want to preserve them in my website. That is why I have created a separate page on which I can post those pictures.



                      25 years wedding of Hendrik Lourens Boekhoud and Jantje Mulder.
                                        The photo is made on 28 Augustus 1900.

                             On the phote the married couple and their four children:
Above, from left to right:  Willem Frederik Boekhoud - Gerrit Boekhoud - Jacob Boekhoud
Below, form left to right:  Hendrik Lourens Boekhoud - Jantje Harmanna Boekhoud - Jantje Mulder.

                            25 years wedding of Gerrit Boekhoud and Meike Heinz.
                                        The photo is made on 28 Augustus 1900 

                     On the picture form left to right the following family-members:
Standing:  Anna Boekhoud - Johanna Boekhoud - Johan Georg Christof Boekhoud - Hendrik Lourens Boekhoud - Willem Boekhoud.
Sitting:  Opoe (=Granny) Kommer - Meike (Boekhoud) Heinz - Gerrit Boekhoud - Johann Georg Christoff Heinz - Lummechien Boekhoud Mulder with baby Meike Boekhoud on her lap.
Sitting on the ground:  Bertus Boekhoud - Jan Boekhoud- Johannes Boekhoud.
     (Evadina Jantina Boekhoud is not on the photo because here fiancé Jan Nieveen was not alowed  to pose for the photo).

                              50 year wedding of  Gerrit Boekhoud and Meike Heinz.
                                         The photo is made on 28 Augustus 1925.

                    On the picture form left to right the following family-members:
Standing above (5 persons):
Hendrik Lourens Boekhoud - Lubertus Boekhoud -  Geert Pepping - Jan Boekhoud - Gijsbert Martens.
Standing 2nd row (7 persons):
Lummechien Mulder - Jantje Mulder - Berendina Helling - Johanna Boekhoud - Jantje Heikina Wubs - Anna Boekhoud - Evadina Boekhoud -
Willem Boekhoud - Gerrit Boekhoud - Meike Heinz - Georg Johan Christof Boekhoud - Jan Nieveen.